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What Alvin is an expert at

I am Alvin Do, I am good at many things, improvising is one of them. Improvisation is the practice of acting, singing, talking and reacting, of making and creating, in the moment and is a reaction to the outside world. Who knows? I could be improvising now! However I am not, I am merely reading this script that I have created in class. The point of this podcast is to teach you how to improvise! Now let’s get started.

The first thing you must do in improvisation is to know your stuff. In order to create things in the moment, you must first know your subject about what you are improvising about. For example, if you are improvising a musical piece, you must at least know some music related to it or at least a scale in the same key to make the song, or if you're improvising a speech, you at least need to know what the speech is about or maybe some background information to help you with the speech. No one can be good at improving over night, it is a practiced skill. Maybe you already know how to improvise but might not know it. Whenever you talk to friends or family members without a script you are improvising. You're improvising a speech and reacting to their words with you're words or if you've ever been in a fight and reacted to one of his punches, that’s also improvising. That’s a bad example but none the less it’s still improvising.

Improvising is used as a skill to solve problems or fill in the gaps of what you are doing. Say, for example you are acting and you forget one of your lines, you would then improvise to fill in the gaps until you remember your lines or the scene ends. Improvisation on any form of media is usually comedic. A comedian might react to the audience’s reaction or poke fun at who the audience is or what the audience does. Those are probably one of the best improvisers. And that is all on this podcast (queue theme music)


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