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Foo Fighters!

Foo Fighters was a band created in 1994 with Nirvana's drummer Dave Grohl. Foo fighters is an alternative rock band influenced by mainly by Kurt Kobain, the singer and guitarest for Nirvana. The word Foo Fighter was a term in world war II to describe unidentifying flying objects. Dave Grohl was the only official member in the creation of the first album "Foo Fighters". While in Nirvana Dave Grohl created some songs and kept them for himself and then recorded them in 1995 for his first album. After the first album Dave recruited Taylor Hawkings, and Franz Stahl. Franz Stahl was fired before the 1999 album "nothing left to lose" after the album Chriss Shiflett joined the band. Then in 2010 Pat Smear joined the band.

One of the most famous album was "The color and the shape". in the album there are 4 singles and at all 4 of them made it to the top of the charts when the single was released. This album is considered one of the best by many, so good in fact that the year the album was released was nicknamed "the year of the Foo" by Foo Fighters fans.


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